Planning a Standards-Based Lesson

You have a copy of your national, state, or district physical education standards. Now what?

With the focus on student learning, a standards-based instruction approach is different from what many physical educators are familiar with. How do you use the standards to plan lessons for your students? How is standards-based instruction different from what you may be doing already?

This video answers these questions and more. You'll learn the basics of standards-based instruction and how this approach to instruction is critical for developing a student’s physical literacy. An easy to follow 5-step process for planning standards-based lessons is shared and a standards-based lesson is modeled to allow you to see what it looks like when theory is put into practice.

Thanks for watching! FYI, the handout for this presentation is attached below.

Handout-Planning a Standards-based lesson.pdf
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MVPA Game Handout.pdf
Make Your Own MVPA Game.pdf
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