Advocacy 101

The goal of this presentation is to empower teachers to be confident and effective advocates for physical education. The resources that go with the presentation can be found below.

Guiding Principles:

  • Learning Matters

  • Meaning Matters

  • Promote. Educate.

  • Knowledge is Power

  • Stronger Together

  • Seize the Moment

Strategies and Activities

The goal is to educate the public about WHY kids need PE and WHAT quality PE looks like.

  • Create a culture of learning ("WHAT are we LEARNING today?")

  • PE Newsletter (example below)

  • Webpage (example below)

  • "Good News" Emails (see below)

  • Bring Your Parents to PE Week

  • PE Movie

PE Newsletter

Create in Word, save as a PDF and email home.


Mission of PE program.

Summary of what students have been learning.

Suggestions for how parents can support that learning.

Pictures of students engaged in learning activities.

Link to web page.

Teacher's email address

PE Webpage


Mission of PE program

Meet Ms. Drain

For Successful Participation...

Program description for each grade level (goals, curriculum and grading)

Fitnessgram information

"Good News" Emails (Fourth grade and up)

  1. Training camp - First few weeks of the year. Students learn the skills needed to make a positive contribution to class.

  2. At the end of each class, a student is randomly selected to "Give a hand" to a classmate, who made a positive contribution (see picture below)

  3. The student who received the "Hand" fills out a Google Form that asks for their name, what they were recognized for and their parent's email address

  4. When the Google form is submitted, the extension "Autocrat" will send a "Good News!" email to parents. (see the youtube videos below for instructions on how to set up Autocrat

This video will walk you through how to set up Autocrat

Bring Your Parents to PE Week

Watch the first video to find out how to run your own BYPTPEW.

The second video is an example of an iMovie trailer I would send out to promote the event.

BYPTPEW Trailer - 720p

PE Movie

Collect video throughout the year of students learning and then make a movie (with iMovie). Email home, post on your website, share with school board members, and show at Open House.

PE Movie 16.mp4

Additional Resources

Watch this video to learn about the many ways you can benefit from being an active member of your teachers' association.

Meaningful Experiences in PE

Untitled presentation

Presentation Slides

Advocacy 101 Slides.pdf