Developing Competent and Confident Movers

The role of the physical educator is to provide all students with a quality physical education experience and lay the foundation for their physical literacy journeys. In order to do this, our programs must be standards-based and taught in a warm, nurturing environment where all students are challenged and failure is a part of success.

How to "Deliver" Physical Literacy

  1. Determine program goals

  2. Select the "need to know" standards

  3. Unpack the standards to identify what students must know and do.

  4. Identify and share the criteria for competence with students

  5. Create meaningful learning experiences that are aligned with the standards.

  6. Provide students with multiple opportunities and practice the skill and receive feedback about their progress towards the learning goal.

  7. Encourage students to FAIL as much as possible! (FAIL = Frequent Attempts In Learning)

  8. Strive to achieve "deep learning" where students can transfer their learning to new environments and activities.

Striking Lesson

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